I manage a diverse selection of client social media accounts. Digital Media and Traditional PR also go hand-in-hand and I have fee packages to cover all.

Companies I work with are based in West London, East London, further afield in Essex and Central London. I offer digital marketing at great prices.

Testimonials -

'Hilary has been fantastic asset to our business, taking us from zero social media exposure to engaging really successfully. Hilary is creative, reliable and knowledgeable with a wealth of expertise in the field of social media.  We have benefited from her great ideas and advice for marketing and social media and I would highly recommend her.' Catherine

'I have hired Hilary to assist me in my social media for my Business over the last two months.  She has been brilliant and has created great results during this period and help in my creativity and understanding how to market whilst on Facebook and Twitter. I'd highly recommend her to assist you to get your business up and running :-)'  Mark

'Hilary handles all my social media accounts and assists with any online PR I require. She has great communications skills, is reliable, very creative and knows her PR and Marketing. I'd highly recommend her for any start up business, small business or even an established business that requires assistance with there social media.'  Margaret

'Hilary handles all my social media, I just let her run with it and get great results. I see her once a week for a brief chat and she gets who I am and what I want to achieve. Great asset to any company!'  Steve

Just a selection of clients past and present-